Idea Validation & Fundraise

Idea Validation & Fundraise

MVP Development

MVP Development

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Validate your idea and build to a Fundraise

All ideas are good till we run them through analysis and market research on competition, customer need, willingness to pay and ability to have a defendable differentiator.
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We work with technology startups, mostly B2B, that have a scalable product or idea and the ability to create the hockey stick curve of growth and revenue using DSHG Sonic help

Yes, we work with founders across the spectrum of the startup lifecycle including initial ideation, market validation, refining MVP scope, cost and revenue sheets, and pitch deck, and getting prepared for fundraising meetings.

No, we cannot, and neither can anyone else. We are bringing in years of experience building our startups after fundraising. We work with founders helping them fundraise. We also work with VC and Angels on due diligence for some of their deals.

In rare cases, we do pick up. equity stakes in companies we work with, but that’s an exception and is based on our due diligence of investing in the company before we understand the potential

Business Startup Consulting Services

Why are we best positioned to help a startup?

Having helped more than 20 startups in idea validation, MVP scoping, and fundraising we have a great idea of what works and what doesn't work when going in front of investors.
Funded for at least 80% of their ask
Pivoted based on idea validation
Working Process

How It Works

Discovery Call About Idea

A deep dive into the idea, the potential, the team, and the vision of the founders.

Roadmap for Pitch Deck

All activities from market research, idea validation, MVP scoping, Cost Sheets, and Pitch Deck

Get Founders ready to face investors

Coaching and mentoring, learning from investor meetings, getting a cheat sheet of all investor queries, and be ready to face the fundraising cycle