Handling day-to-day Operations within a startup

In an early-stage startup, the founders should spend all their effort on their product, customers, and investors. Let DSHG Sonic run your operations to enable you to focus on the important functions.
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Startups are, by definition, fast-moving in decision-making and incorporating changes. To do this successfully, you need to have a culture of knowing your current state, whether in product development, marketing, sales, or partnership. A robust Startup operation lets you have all this information on a moment’s notice enabling speedy decision-making.

We are the experts in this, and we will work with and define your priorities and timelines for accomplishing different operational tasks. We can guide you in managing, sequencing, and ensuring you get just-in-time support for suitable activities.

We have played that role in multiple startups where we define and finalize the operational roadmap and priorities and execute and deliver on them. In some cases, when the founding team has a COO, we work with them and execute their plan and deliver.

Primarily our focus is on generic operations and marketing, sales, and investor ops functions. If specialized skill sets are needed, and we don’t have anyone on the team, we are happy to source them for you.

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Why is startup Ops always an after thought for most startups?

Startups Ops and successful execution of the same can make a world of difference to your progress as a company. Also, all startups with their Ops handled usually feel like a much bigger and more mature company when interacting with investors or clients.
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Working Process

How It Works

Discovery Call about Current Ops

Understanding your current Ops process, priorities in the coming 1-3 months, and tools and platforms already in place.

Define Ops Roadmap

Sequentially taking over operational tasks, streamlining and automating, and ensuring we have a robust knowledge base and dashboard of successes and failures.

Review and Revamp

a day ago Operational tasks can change drastically as the startup moves from one phase to the next. So we move along with the flow and revamp our roadmap and review our timelines accordingly.