Scale Your Business & Build A Long Lasting Relationships

We Build Technology In-House to Grow Early-Stage Startups

From defining your target audience to building a strong online presence we do it all.

The Sauce

Proven methodologies that are highly effective in growing and scaling startups from the beginning


We accept problems & challenges, At DSHG Sonic we Brainstorm, Share & Think creative ideas and solutions.


We ensure that a product, service, or idea meets the needs and expectations of its intended audience or users.


We believe in solving problems, our motto is to build what your users will love.


It’s time to Launch, Observe & Report. We take no half measures while launching the Startups


Innovations & Growth is constant


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Market Research

We understand Startups target market, identify potential customers, and develop effective marketing strategies.


Demand Generation

We aim to create interest and demand for a company's products or services among its target audience.


B2B Marketing Strategy

We believe in building long lasting relationships with businesses.


SaaS Marketing Strategy

We’re team of experts capable of managing the basics of SaaS to solving strategic business solutions

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Want to know how to pour leads from multiple sources. Inbound Marketing is one of the mandates for business growth.


Marketing Automation/CRM

Think for innovations and growth let automation tools do their job. Automation tools are highly reliable and cost effective.

Technology Stack

Our Trusted Partners

Get Answers


We work with you to understand the product, the audience, and your marketing and sales goals and devise a strategy that best suits your circumstances. We don’t believe in one approach that fits all, and it has to fit your startup.

Yes, we have resources who first help create the strategy. Then we bring in experts from landing page development, to content and SEO, to email funnels, Organic Social Media, paid campaigns, and everything needed to grow a startup.

You don’t have to. We have a roadmap that we will discuss with you, and we are happy to get your comments and recommendation. But orchestrating the strategy is solely our responsibility, and we will maintain the monthly budget and still grow and scale your startup.

We will have a weekly Marketing and Sales progress call to discuss accomplishments and a monthly Strategy review call to discuss wins and losses for previous months and plans for the coming month. So at all times, you will have a good view of how things are progressing and suggest areas to double down on or areas from which we can back off.

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