Build your technology product with our full-stack teams.

Whether it is using NoCode tools to build a rough MVP or creating a code-based one, we need to define how we can create the best iteration of the product in the best possible timeframe.
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We work with the most common ones to build a web platform (React JS, React Native, PHP/Laravel), Mobile Apps (React Native, Flutter), and many NoCode technologies. We have worked on Blockchain projects and AI Projects as well. Anything beyond these, we won’t be a good fit.

The timelines to create an MVP differ based on the requirements and roadmap for the MVP. But based on our experience, a Web Platform using code-based solutions is 90 days, a mobile app platform using the code-based solution is 180 days, and most NoCode solutions are 30-45 days.

If we measure effort and say it’s a 4-month build, we will ensure it is done within that timeline and effort. If for any reason and with no delays caused by the Founders or scope creep, we will continue working on the MVP until the founders are satisfied.

We can help in multiple ways; we can continue to have a technology team to support you as you grow at a reduced monthly cost. We can also hire an in-house technology team for you and transition the MVP to the new employees—many options on the table.

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Who are the team members who will be building our MVP?

Our team members are usually full-stack developers who have worked with multiple startups and built many MVPs. We understand that the focus of the MVP is to show the functions are working and the product is viable. We bring in years of building technology products and understand speed is of the essence during MVP builds.
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Working Process

How It Works

MVP Roadmap and Requirements Call

A discovery call about the MVP roadmap, the audience, and the functions which need to be a part of the technology solutions.

Functional Product Document

We convert business needs and requirements into a functional product document and put in risks, assumptions, timelines, and support and time needed from the Founders to create a robust and viable product/solution

Review and Process

We will have weekly calls and a dedicated technology manager will match the functions built to the original requirement document o ensure the final product is in line with the expected outcome.