Top 20 VC Podcasts to Understand Startup Fundraising

There are many VC podcasts out there that can help you understand. Here are 20 of the best:

In order to understand startup fundraising, it’s important to hear from the experts. In this blog post, we will list 20 of the best VC podcasts out there. These podcasts will help you learn about what investors are looking for, how to pitch your business, and more. So whether you’re just getting started or you’re already well into the fundraising process, these podcasts are a must-listen!

1. Venture Unlocked: The playbook for venture capital managers.

 Publisher: Samir Kaji

Total Episodes: 35

For 20 years, Samir Kaji has been assisting and advising startups. He knows what it takes to get a venture fund off the ground or running smoothly with key guidance on operating procedures that will make you stand out from other VCs in your industry sector! In Venture Unlocked: The Playbook for Starting & Operating A Successful Venture Firm listeners can learn how to set up their own business like never before while also learning pitfalls they may face along the journey – all through an informative yet entertaining podcast experience hosted by one of this country’s most knowledgeable professionals. Listen for VC fund guidance.

2. The Twenty Minute VC: Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch

Publisher: Harry Stebbings 

Total Episodes: 768

The Twenty Minute VC is a podcast that takes you inside the world of venture capital, startup funding, and pitching. Join our host Harry Stebbings as he shares his knowledge with listeners eager to learn how they can attain their own investment goals by listening closely for tips on what it takes during each stage in order to gain money from an early-stage company or person who has already started making waves within their field; whether this is through crowdfunding campaigns like Kickstarter (for example), private deals signed onto affiliates programs where investors provide additional resources.

3. Distilling Venture Capital

Publisher: Bill Griesinger 

Total Episodes: 36

With over 20 years of experience in the tech industry, Bill Griesinger brings a unique perspective to this venture capital and high-tech world. Drawing on all aspects from working with companies like Intel or HP through his many connections within both fields he offers an unfiltered look at what goes down behind closed doors when it comes time for funding decisions!


4. Life self-mastery’s podcast I Startups I Venture Capital

Publisher: Rohit Malhotra: Blogger, Podcaster

Total Episodes: 187

In this podcast, I interview high-level online entrepreneurs to find out how they made their way in the world and scaled up. What’s it like being an entrepreneur? How do you balance business with life? Find out on Life Self Mastery Podcast.

5. Women in Venture Capital

Publisher: Rashveena and Anvita (Harvard Business School)

Total Episodes: 41

Interested in what it’s like to be a woman seeking investment opportunities? Join us for our new podcast, where we will engage with women from analysts and partners all the way up to managing directors. We want you to hear how they network; recruiting tips when working as an attorney at a law or tech company isn’t enough anymore-you need friends who can vouch that your costume was actually adorable this year! 


6. Angel Insights | Angel Investing and Venture Capital

Publisher: SyndicateRoom

Total Episodes: 75

Join us for a fascinating look into the world of angel investing as we chat with some of today’s most successful investors. What’s their investment strategy? How do they go about due diligence and selecting investments in companies that might be on your portfolio soon enough?! You’ll learn all this and more!

Angel Insights is created by SyndicateRoom:

7. The VCpreneur: Startups | Venture Capital | Entrepreneurship | Fundraising

Publisher: Digjay Patel

Total Episodes: 37

VCpreneur is a podcast that features successful venture capitalists and entrepreneurs discussing the art & science of building products, scaling startups, fundraising, and investing in a company. The show provides unique perspectives from both sides as it focuses on what they do best – sharing their knowledge to help you succeed!


8. The Desi VC: Indian Venture Capital | Angel Investors | Startups | VC

Publisher: Akash Bhat

Total Episodes: 46

The Desi VC podcast is a weekly show hosted by Akash Bhat where he interviews angel investors and venture capitalists investing in tech startups from India. Tune in to hear about what they think are hot topics, like fund-raising tactics or valuation strategies for when your company goes public!

9. The Full Ratchet: VC | Venture Capital | Angel Investors | Startup Investing | Fundraising | Crowdfunding | Pitch | Private Equity | Business Loans

Publisher: Nick Moran

Total Episodes: 476

A podcast dedicated to demystifying Venture Capital. Nick Moran interviews the VC and Angel investor experts on how they find, evaluate and select the next generation of great technology startups.

10. Fundraising Radio | Startups | Venture Capital | Angel Investing

Publisher: Konstantin Dubovitskiy

Total Episodes: 285

We’re here to help you through your startup journey! We’ve had guests come on our show from all over the world with stunning portfolios. Our goal is simple: give listeners insight into what it takes for them to start and grow their own businesses, so they can make an impact in this world as well as those before us have done already. If there’s one thing we know about startups it’s that every day brings new challenges- but don’t worry because Fundraising Radio has got your back when things get tough!”

11. The Consumer VC: Venture Capital I B2C Startups I Commerce | Early-Stage Investing

Publisher: Mike Gelb

Total Episodes: 153

Mike’s interview with some of the top venture capitalists in consumer-focused companies is a must-listen for those interested not only in how they make their decisions but also in what it takes to get funding at an early stage. A new podcast called Consumer VC has been making waves lately and aims to educate people about investing outside traditional finance markets by providing insight into both public AND private equities as well as bonds through interviews that span many industries including B2C businesses like Marketplaces & Social Media Platforms!

12. 33voices | Startups & Venture Capital | Women Entrepreneurs | Management & Leadership | Mindset | Hiring & Culture | Branding & Marketing | Life Design

Publisher: 33Voices

Total Episodes: 267

33voices is an online platform that connects readers with thought leaders in business, culture, and lifestyle. For ten years now they’ve engaged closely with founders to identify interesting challenges giving rise to a thoughtful dialogue where contributors not only think differently but represent frontiers of knowledge on these topics among other things like creativity theory or mental health practices for instance. It’s time you became part of this conversation!

13. Funding Frequency: Venture Capital | Startups | Science

Publisher: Funding Frequency

Total Episodes: 16

Funding Frequency is a series of discussions with those leading the charge to progress technological innovation. Hosted by Andrew Waine, this podcast will discuss how funding for new projects and ideas has changed over time as well provide insights into what it means from both investors’ perspectives but also technology enthusiasts alike!

14. Venture Capital Deep Dive

Publisher: Cédric Bollag

Total Episodes: 7

The Venture Capital Deep Dive podcast is a series of informative videos that answer all your questions about the world of venture capital. Every other Wednesday, you can watch new episodes and learn more! 

15. The Shunwei China Venture Capital Podcast

Publisher: Adam Bao

Total Episodes: 11

Shunwei’s venture investment partners, portfolio company founders, and other KOLs within its ecosystem have provided insights into the Chinese tech industry. Founder Adam Bao has since launched a sister podcast called ‘The Harbinger – China Tech & VC Podcast’, which is an open platform that invites all top investors in Huawei or Alibaba to share their thoughts with listeners.”

16. The Puck: Venture Capital and Beyond

Publisher: Jim Baer

Total Episodes: 25

Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the puck! We’ll follow it and have deep conversations with innovative people who are shaping today’s technology world. You’ll learn about their successes, challenges & lessons learned on this journey of entrepreneurship as well as what investors look out for when deciding which company or project they want investments in – all from someone else’s perspective so that you can avoid making some mistakes yourself!

17. Adventure Capital by Wefunder

Publisher: Wefunder

Total Episodes: 21

Startups are bootstrapped, Amendment-fueled machines that generate revenue and hire more people than they ever could with venture capital. As these founders tell it (and we’ve heard them rave about their experiences), Wefunder is a game-changer for early-stage startups who want to grow fast without burning out or going broke – all while having fun doing something startup culture doesn’t always approve of trading beer pong tables online!

18. Built by Angels: Road to Venture Capital

Publisher: National Angel Capital Organization

Total Episodes: 44

In this podcast series, you will learn about the innovations that are shaping our lives and equip yourself with the knowledge to fuel your success in a digital economy. For over 20 years National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) members have pioneered access-to capital through their investments in companies they represent such as 44 angels networks 45 incubators accelerometers; thousands of entrepreneurs who’ve received funding from them – $1Billionplus!

19. The Syndicate Blogcast: Startups | Startup Investing | Tech News | Angel Investors | VC | Venture Capital | Private Equity | Crowdfunding | Fundraising

Publisher: Matt Ward – Serial Entrepreneur | Angel Investor | Startup Advisor | Amazon Ecommerce

Total Episodes: 18

The Syndicate Blogcast is the future of information overload, with long-form articles on everything from technology and eCommerce to life in today’s fast-paced world. The minisodes are short intense discussions that dive deep into high-level startup issues while helping investors better understand what they’re investing their hard-earned money into or running a business around–whether it be Facebook through Google glasses! The Syndicate podcast is the go-to destination for deep-dive interviews with angel investors and VCs. The show’s hosts, alongside our network of sources from across industries including entrepreneurs to syndicate leads & GPs, will give you an original perspective on startup investing that can’t be found anywhere else!

20. The Balderton Podcast: Tech Investment | Venture Capital | Startup Funding

Publisher: Balderton Capital
Total Episodes: 35

Balderton Capital is a London-based tech venture capital firm that invests in European high-tech companies. This podcast will share weekly insights for those at the forefront of Europe’s technology scene: our partners and investment team members as well other selected experts with knowledge about these rapidly changing industries. The ‘cast will be worthwhile listen for anyone who is looking to raise venture capital investment, building a technology company from the ground up, or is enthusiastic about the London & European tech community. If you’d like to read news & updates from our team, check out our news page:

These are just a few of the excellent VC podcasts that are available. Take some time to listen to them and you’ll soon be an expert on startup funding! Thanks for reading. Until next time!

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