Live a healthier, more active life with Aidlab

Aidlab helps in conducting on-demand remote experiments with individuals using professional wearables used to solve the world’s most urgent challenges in Healthcare, Fitness, and Science.

Aidlab is a working device with Android, iOS, and Web-supporting applications. We are known in our area, and there are many supporters of the Aidlab project worldwide.
Instead of only counting your steps, recording your heartbeat, or analyzing exercise reps, Aidlab also takes advanced readings of your vital body signals, giving you a detailed report on your body’s condition.

What is Aidlab?

Where Aidlab was stuck

Aidlab had a scaling problem beyond their early beta users. They had successfully executed a successful launch and sought ways to create a robust strategy. Aidlab had already discussed and piloted with a few marketing experts but was left unimpressed with the results as well as the constant churn of resources as well as the need to transition knowledge from one person to another. Aidlab wanted to find a marketing and scaling strategy to enable a good growth graph and enable more users to understand the power of Aidlab and help the founders work on the subsequent iterations of the wearable prototype.
Creating a measurable and scalable marketing strategy that helps propel Aidlab at a faster pace than its current speed of growth. Baseline existing numbers and plan to 10X the change within 4-6 months. The intent here was to go deep rather than exhaustive. So more profound into the product ethos and why it’s helpful for a consumer to buy this product. We also pursued a bottom-up approach of working with existing customers and using them as a ladder for the additional paid customer. This will reflect in product strategy as a side effect, but the intent would be to increase sales initially.
  • Content Strategy
  • SEO
  • Paid Marketing
  • Organic Marketing
  • Partnership and Alliance Management

How DSHG Sonic Growth and Scale team helped

What were the Outcomes after working with DSHG Sonic?​

Aidlab has grown by more than 30X in visitors and 10X in leads for the product for the 12 months we worked on developing and scaling the marketing outreach. As the results of the content marketing and SEO strategy work started bearing fruit, we were able to reduce paid spend and save marketing dollars which were all pulled back into the R&D team.

We also were able to create a repeatable sales playbook for partnership and alliances with institutions and stakeholders who had an interest in the work Aidlab was doing. His playbook is still in use at Aidlab, and then has signed more than 30 Letters Of Intent with various stakeholders and ecosystem partners.