Revolutionizing how we do fitness

Jabbie is an iOS and Android mobile app which focuses on differently abled users to search for and engage with a Physical trainer who is well suited and certified to train them. 

Jabbie is the community wellness app redefining fitness standards and providing support that encourages you to move your body in your OWN way. The mission of Jabbie is to broaden the idea of fitness to encapsulate activities not typically seen on fitness apps and provide a platform for ALL users to create a personalized support system for their fitness needs.

What is Jabbie?

Where Jabbie was stuck

Jabbie wanted an end-to-end full-stack development team who could build their mobile app and own the technical execution and delivery of it. They wanted a partner who not only had technology expertise but also could visualize the business from a commercial perspective and bring in the experience to build for success.

Jabbie wanted a Software development team who could handle front-end design, front-end build using React Native, backend build of APIs and functions, as well as an administrative panel to run the operations of the company.

We created the UI/UX for the app, created the functional as well as the business requirements considering accessibility and inclusion requirements, and created a React Native mobile app to have the same code base in iOS and Android.
  • React Native development for iOS and Android
  • Administrative Control Panel for Admins to manage the app and understand usage
  • Gamification of engagement and usage of the app based on Badges
  • Inbuilt messaging functionality for messaging between members
  • Facebook-style feed within the app
  • Ability to invite friends and create private groups
  • Trainer profile to set up and execute coaching for their group

How the DSHG Sonic MVP Build team helped

What were the Outcomes after working with DSHG Sonic?

The entire duration of the project took around one year from the time the contract was signed to the time we had the finalized and beta-tested app available for generic download and usage by the audience on both Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store
  • Fully integrated and automated app available for anyone in the stores to download and use
  • Mix panel reporting and custom dashboarding to understand user behavior and enhance ASO
  • The ability for Admins to post advertisements and sponsored posts on the Feeds of the app for partnership and ads