your trusted and best-in-class compliance reporting partner

A regulatory and compliance partner to help pharmaceutical & medical device companies in Transparency Reporting. 

iClosS brings you a solution to report on your aggregate spending and seamlessly integrate with all your internal data sources without having to expend additional resources to accomplish integration. At iClosS we strive to mitigate every compliance-related matter for healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturers in the USA, helping them do what they do best.

What is iClosS

Where iClosS was stuck

iClosS wanted an end-to-end marketing and sales team who could build a strategy to take their SaaS product to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Build a robust growth and scale plan and allow businesses and third-party service providers to understand what iClosS does and how their products can help these businesses.

iClosS wanted a fractional CMO and Sales lead to help steer the marketing and Sales using organic marketing and SEO.

iClosS has been working on building a SaaS-based product for the regulatory and compliance market for Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices companies. They chose DSHG Sonic as their partner to create a robust Growth plan to get their product and end-to-end marketing partner to kick-start sales and define a playbook for growth.

  • Setting up Social Media Accounts, Websites, and Content Strategy
  • Defining network participants who would be a fit for Demo and signup demo participants
  • Create a Sales Deck defining the benefits of iClosS solution over its competitors
  • Creating a pitch deck to take in front of investors for funding

How the DSHG Sonic Growth and Scaling team helped

What were the Outcomes after working with DSHG Sonic?​

This project is still being worked on, so some results have been achieved, but many more are still in the works.
  • Website and Social Media Accounts are all set up.
  • Pitch and Sales deck have been created
  • 36-month cost sheet and cost and revenue numbers with assumptions have been updated