Top 7+ Startup Studios in the USA for multiple ventures in 2023

Startup studios in the USA have become the modern way of launching new companies, transforming a time-consuming and risky venture into an efficient and scalable model. The traditional process of launching a new business entails several steps, such as developing a strategy, making key hires, and finding equity financing, each step being highly complex to manage alone. However, with startup studios emerging in recent years, entrepreneurs can take advantage of expert advice on product development, marketing strategies, and even building their teams before rolling out their products or services.

Are you looking for the best startup studios in the USA to help your business grow?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Through our research, we have created the top ten lists of startup studios in the USA that are successfully growing multiple ventures and scaling their businesses quickly.
Read on if you want to know more about these incredible groups that can launch your dreams into reality

Top 11 Best Startup Studios in USA 2023

1. DSHG Sonic

DSHG Sonic is one of the leading startup studios in the USA. In the past few years, we have helped small startups to build and grow with our startup studio expertise.
We are a team of startup experts who provide the following startup solutions.
  • MVP development 
  • Startup Ops service
  • Startup consultancy service
  • Startup sales advisor service
  • Idea and validation service
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If you are a startup that wants to become the next unicorn, then DSGH Sonic is your startup growth partner.

2. Atomic:

Atomic is a startup studio based in San Francisco that was founded by Jack Abraham in 2012. The company focuses on launching and growing successful companies by bringing together experienced entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers. Some of the notable companies that have been launched by Atomic include Jumpcut, Bungalow, TalkIQ, Playbook, and many others.

Atomic has become known for its unique approach to building companies, which involves identifying promising markets, developing proprietary technology, and building a team of experts to execute a shared vision.

Their most notable success is, without a doubt, telehealth startup Hims & Hers, which went public in 2021 at an impressive valuation of US$1.6 billion. This makes Atomic’s portfolio of future successes something to look forward to.
Betaworks Ventures is another venture studio in the USA that has become a major player in the startup landscape since it was founded in 2008. Known for its product-focused, seed-stage investments, the venture capital firm counts Twitter and Venmo among its more high-profile successes.

It all started with co-founders John Borthwick and Andy Weissman, both former executives at Time Warner and AOL, respectively. In 2011, Weissman. The company has invested in over 150 companies, including Rec Room, Hugging Face, and Stability AI.
Science Inc is one of the best startup studios in the USA that has established itself as a major player in the startup scene, having incubated and funded over 75 new companies since its founding in 2011. Six of them were acquired for a collective value of US $1.3 billion, and the highly successful Dollar Shave Club vaulted up even higher when it was acquired by Unilever in 2016 for US $1 billion.

The forward-thinking founders, Greg Gilman, Michael Jones, Mike Macadaan, Peter Pham, and Tom Dare, were possibly ahead of their time when they set their minds to building an early exchange and a Coinbase competitor as far back as 2013, exhibiting almost prescient foresight about the potential of the blockchain industry.
Expa is one of the renowned startup studios in the USA, founded by Uber co-founder Garrett Camp, known for launching companies like Reserve and Operator.

Expa has certainly come far since its inception in 2013. Founded in San Francisco as a community of entrepreneurs and innovators, the organization has since developed into an expansive global network focused on doing extraordinary things by successfully building companies from the ground up.

Exapa takes a unique approach to shaping the future of startups, providing comprehensive services for founders. Their three-part strategy includes creating internal products, leading advisory roles with equity exchange, and investing in handpicked projects — all narrowed down to only the most promising companies at any given time.

6. Obvious Ventures:

Obvious Ventures is a venture capital firm and on of the top startup studios based in San Francisco, California. It was co-founded by Evan Williams, James Joaquin, and Vishal Vasishth in 2014 to back up companies that have the potential to create positive change in the world.

Obvious Ventures has invested in various companies across different industries, including food, media, and education. Beyond Meat, Medium, and Osmo are among the most well-known companies that Obvious Ventures has invested in. 

Beyond Meat is a plant-based meat alternative company, Medium is an online publishing platform, and Osmo is an educational technology company that develops interactive games for children.

7. Human Ventures:

Human Ventures is indeed a startup studio based in New York City that invests in and helps launch companies. 

The firm was founded in 2015 by Heather Hartnett, who previously worked at Goldman Sachs and venture capital firm City Light Capital.

Mapistry, Pepper, and Happy Returns are among the companies that Human Ventures has launched and invested in. Mapistry is an environmental compliance software company, Pepper is a social shopping app, and Happy Returns is a technology platform that enables in-person returns for online purchases.

8. AlleyCorp:

AlleyCorp is one of the leading venture startup studios in the USA, founded by Kevin Ryan, who is also the co-founder of companies like DoubleClick, Business Insider, and Gilt Groupe. The studio is based in New York City and focuses on launching and investing in early-stage startups in various industries, including healthcare, e-commerce, and technology.

AlleyCorp has launched and invested in other successful startups, including MongoDB, Zola, and Nomad Health, among others.

9. Polaris Partners:

Polaris Partners is a venture capital and startup studio firm based in Boston, Massachusetts. The company was founded in 1996 by Jon Flint, Terry McGuire, and Steve Arnold. Since its launch, it has been invested in numerous successful companies in industries such as healthcare, technology, and consumer goods.

Some notable companies that Polaris Partners has invested in include Carbon Black, a cybersecurity company acquired by VMware in 2019 for $2.1 billion. EverQuote, an online auto insurance marketplace, and Artic Wolf Networks, a cybersecurity company focused on serving small and mid-sized businesses.
Polaris Partners aims to support entrepreneurs who are building innovative and impactful businesses and provides them with a range of resources, including seed funding, mentorship, and operational support, to help them grow and succeed.

10. IdeaLab:

IdeaLab is a startup studio that was founded in Pasadena, California, in 1996 by Bill Gross. The company has been instrumental in launching over 150 companies in various industries, such as software, energy, healthcare, and more.

Some of IdeaLab’s most notable companies include CitySearch, which was an online city guide that provided information on local businesses, and GoTo, which was an early pioneer in pay-per-click advertising. And UberMedia is a social media advertising platform. Other notable companies launched by IdeaLab include Picasa, which is an image organizer and viewer, and eToys, which is an online retailer of toys and children’s products.

11. High Alpha

High Alpha is a startup studio that operates from Indianapolis and specializes in partnering with entrepreneurs to launch companies in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry. The company was founded in 2015 by Scott Dorsey, Mike Fitzgerald, Eric Tobias, and Kristian Andersen.
High Alpha supports entrepreneurs in various ways, including funding, technology, design, and branding.
The company’s goal is to help its portfolio companies achieve their potential and become leaders in their respective markets. High Alpha has invested in several companies, including Sigstr, Lessonly, Zylo, and more. These companies have achieved significant success and have been recognized as industry leaders in the SaaS market.

Summary of Top 10 Best Startup Studios in USA

Our goal with this article was to showcase the best startup studios the USA has to offer so entrepreneurs looking for a place to launch their businesses have various options. These lists of top venture studios in the USA specialize in taking bright ideas and turning them into successful ventures. While each studio has its unique approach and specialization, they all aim to provide aspiring founders with the resources they need to launch their projects.
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